Course in "Essentials of Corporate Financial Analysis"

This course aims to combine an international approach to corporate finance based on Anglo-Saxon technical terminology with the most common and important concepts of corporate finance needed to cope with an international context of business.

The notions that will be transferred are the necessary tool kit of the international operator.

Note: the course will be taught in English


The approach of the course is fully operational.

Every concept will be firstly explained in theoretical terms in order to immediately move to applications. 

Each lesson will be characterized by the employment of business cases and exercises.

Business cases will be developed on Ms Excel® spreadsheets that could be immediately used in the everyday work. The interactive approach between teachers and students will grant full support and easy solution to problems that could arise during the course.

There is also an online platform useful to share teaching materials and to support community collaboration.

Teaching material will be distributed before or after the lessons as decided by teachers.

Target audience

The course is addressed to the experts of the sector and those that desire to deepen such matters. The main recipients are: managers of industrial and commercial enterprises, operators of banking sector, accountants, auditors, advisors.

Minimum requirements

A basic knowledge of Ms Excel® is required.

Students are also required to bring their own notebook with Ms Office® installed. 

Certificate of attendance

Participants who attend at least 75% of the lessons will receive a "Certificate of Participation"